Car Protection Pendulum

Car Protection Pendulum


Want extra protection, patience and peace even when you’re commuting? Road rage, accidents/danger, stress from traffic, etc are things we all deal with daily. We wanted something to aid in keeping you calm and protected while in the car or commuting.

These beautiful crystal Pendulums are made from genuine gemstones and are ideal for the practice of divination.  However, they have multipurpose uses and we love to use them as Rear View Mirror Pendelums!

The pendulums measure between 35mm and 40mm in length and also feature a 6 inch (150mm) silver colored chain (Black Onyx comes with a bead secured to the end).  The photographs show examples of the pieces we have in stock, these are natural crystals not glass so each one has its own individual pattern and shades.

The root chakra stone is a protection stone for all types of travel. Crystals for vacation includes Black Onyx as it can keep you calm and alert throughout your adventure too. Spend your travel in the best of bliss.

Excellent for people who do not drive, but have to go on a flight, train, bus or caravan, Rose quartz protects you from the accidents caused by the carelessness of others too.

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