Our Story

BAUS not only offers products but also encourages a holistic way of living, dedicated to achieving success. We subscribe to a take charge approach towards your environment. BAUS was founded by Victoria Reese after witnessing a void in the market. Being a strong, entrepreneur of two businesses, she wanted to create products that supported an ambitious mindset and the importance of one's environment. Victoria has been building BAUS ever since. We all have those days when we prefer to let our environment do the talking for us, and what better way than with clever and in your face statements. With the creation of edgy yet playful products that speak for themselves, BAUS strives to support and influence women who want to take control of their surroundings and, ultimately, be the BAUS of their own lives.


Our Philosophy.


BAUS is an ever-expanding lifestyle brand for the women who naturally take charge. We're a resource for our very targeted network of immersive women who lead - Because we know that both the past and the future is female. Our community consists of a tribe of passionate women who love to serve their own.

BAUS enables women to connect emotionally- through products, events and content to discuss and share knowledge about our lifestyle.