Start Your Day Like A BAUS

Our BAUS  Prayer Rug

Our BAUS Prayer Rug

Journal Entry 4.11.18

Have you ever woke up and thought “look out world – here I come”? We all have. We all have those days that we just wake up and know it is going to be a good day to conquer the world. And then our feet touch the floor and its showtime. The winner attitude doesn’t always stick around the entire day. That’s where I have found it’s best to lay a foundation of uplifting practices that clear my mind, focus my attitude, and enrich my heart for what lies ahead. When I wake up, regardless of feeling like a #BAUS or not, I know I have a routine in place to help get me there.

Here are my tips and tricks to being a #BAUS… Every. Day.

Show Gratitude.

Be thankful. You know the old saying: no matter what you’re going through, someone else always has it worse. That is straight truth. There is always something to be thankful for even if you’re still working for the #boss while becoming a #baus. My life begins and ends with Christ. I wouldn’t be where I am today without all He has done for me through His guidance, love, and mercy. That is enough for me to be thankful for no matter the deals I’m fighting for. My faith is a huge part of who I am. Even if you don’t have a faith, it is amazing what kind of attitude adjustment you can get by being thankful instead of resentful. Whether you are speaking it out loud or starting with writing a list of 10 things you are thankful for each day, you are actively speaking life and good things into your circumstances. I challenge you to start with this. During the day as situations arise, this is one practice I revert back to. I’m telling you, it is a game changer!

Tidy Up

I’m kind of a clean freak. Not a “neat” freak where everything has to be in a certain place or put away, but I need things to be clean. If I am in an environment that I feel needs to be cleaned, I can’t focus. If there are dishes on my counter, I would rather them be clean and air drying versus being out and dirty. It is impossible for me to focus on work if every 5 seconds I’m thinking “I should really just clean that now.” One of my favorite books is The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. She and I are on the same page. The book discusses how small irritants – like cleaning – add up to big time distractions. Especially if you have a heavy workload ahead of you that day, or an important meeting, the last thing you want is to be wasting your time worrying about the dishes. Get up and get them done. Clean your environment even if it is your desk at work or the breakroom. Wherever you do your work and wherever you come home to at the end of the day, make sure it is inviting for your body and soul to rest and focus on other tasks.



Drink Coffee. Eat Breakfast.

I don’t need to say more right? I mean this one is a give-in. At least the coffee should be. We all have our habits and things that make us feel good. Coffee is by far one of the biggest feel-good habits out there. The emotions alone from the bootstrapping, first cup of coffee in the morning is inspirational to say the least. Eating breakfast is one that often gets missed. Especially as hustle and bustling entrepreneurs we think that we don’t have time for that. Let me tell you a secret… there is always time for self care. Yes, eating breakfast is self care. We have become so wrapped up in deadlines and all that we have to get done during the day, that we logic we don’t have time for it all. So what do we do? Easy, skip breakfast. Stop! I promise you, you have 10 minutes at the very least to get a good breakfast and sit down with your coffee, and pour into yourself. Invest in yourself during your breakfast, by eating breakfast and nourishing your body to have the energy for the day.


20 Minutes of Meditation

You know what puts you at ease. For me, breaking out my prayer mat that I got from a trip to Dubai, a YouTube meditation playlist, oils or fragrance of choice, and a candle set the mood for 20 minutes of meditation. I set a timer so that during my meditation I am not constantly wondering how much time I have left in my meditation. That is a viscous and unproductive cycle to get into. The goal is to promote peace and a sense of calm. If I go into my day with my attitude in a mess, everything I touch will turn out that way. But if I take the time to surround myself with peace and calmness, I can get that to carry with me through meetings, tasks, and any interaction I have. Promote peace within yourself so you can offer it to others as you come into contact.

Our BAUS  Money Magnets

Our BAUS Money Magnets



Affirmations are so powerful and there are so many ways you can do it! You can listen to affirmations. You can speak your own. You can print out or order super cute cards to place around your mirror to read as you get ready in the morning. You can speak God’s word over your life. The whole point of affirmations is to get your mindset straight. Get a solid foundation in your mind of what is good, and that you are good. Speak these things over your life, your business, and whoever you come in contact with. Let your positive attitude be what drives others towards you.

Get Dressed.

Dress for success, baby! The saying goes, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Put on those chic pumps. Rock those tight jeans. Curl your hair. Do whatever makes you look and feel like you are on top of the world. Do this even if you work at home. You heard me. Even if you are not leaving the house and no one will see you all day, you will get more done when you are dressed for success. Dress as if you are your own boss and one day you will be your own #BAUS.

Get yourself ready for tomorrow, today. There’s a whole world out there to conquer… and it’s screaming your name.


Victoria, Founder & Owner of @Shoppebaus

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