How I Use My Good Vibes Trifecta Set

Victoria here, Founder of Baus! I am so thankful for everyone who supports the brand, customer or not. I’m still in shock that my brain child has blossomed into this e-commerce store and that people believe in what we offer.

One of my favorite products by far is the Good Vibes Trifecta Set! I created the Good Vibes Trifecta set because I felt that in my meditation/prayer practice, I needed to create a particular vibe and I was missing certain items to do so. This set is perfect for meditation beginners! I wanted to take my practice to another level. 

How I use it: I start by playing gospel or meditation music (to open me up spiritually and emotionally). Then I light my Floral Sage (on the stove or with a lighter for 30 seconds). If I'm smudging the space/my home, I'd do a walk through around the house before getting settled. Once my sage is lit, I take it to wherever I plan to meditate/pray and light my Affirmation Candle and sit Indian style. When I begin the meditation, my goal is to quiet my mind, focus my thoughts on being present in that very moment and to LISTEN to God (or whatever higher power you believe in). I will do this for as long as my mind/body tells me to while holding my Rose Quartz crystal in my "receiving hand" (my left)! Sometimes I will have a guided mediation track lead me and other times I am repeating affirmations over and over again. Then I move on to prayer! This is where I am TALKING. I get to express gratitude/give Thanks and also ask for specific things I want God to work through me. When I see that there is something that I NEED, I create it. Meditation (and deeper prayer life/practice) has changed my life for the better! I realized that my peace was something that only I had control over. 

And thats how (and why) I use the Good Vibes Trifecta Set!



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