4 Ways to Incorporate Self-Care in 2018

Are you crossing off all of your goals on your to-do lists? Do you still feel overwhelmed? Were you so ready for the New Year and now that it is here you are fatigued and mentally drained? Do you feel like you don’t have enough time for your business due to school, procrastination or lack of knowledge?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are in the right place.

The mission of Shoppe BAUS is to inspire women to take control of their environment and life.

We are here to help you find the joy in practicing self-care when it comes to you and your creative endeavors.




They say, “ THE GRIND NEVER STOPS ! ” To a certain extent that is accurate due to the strenuous work you will persistently put in to reap the rewards, benefits and financial stability that comes when you own your own business. However, self-care is essential in order to continuously create.


Some entrepreneurs go to Starbucks, work by the beach or go to their local library to execute business goals. While other entrepreneurs may listen to inspirational podcasts, write a list of goals, and read books until they feel like they are ready to move forward in their business. Moreover, getting the time to truly relax and rejuvenate is essential.


So what are some things you can participate in to take care of yourself like a BAUS?


4 Things To Find The Joy In Self-Care:




Vacation: Take A Trip

A vacation is always rejuvenating. It is a refreshing way to conclude and reflect on the previous year in your business. A change of scenery is always invigorating to find joy in change. Traveling allow you to embrace new cultures, possibly learn a new language, and meet new people. Most importantly, it allows you to explore a part of the world you may have never known existed. If a vacation is out of your budget trying going to a local pool. Taking a walk in the park or going to a new city that you have never been to before.


Here are some vacation ideas:


Enjoy a wonderful day reading on the beach, go horseback riding, snorkeling in the ocean, bicycling around the beach shore, or taking a walk in the park.


Fun Tip:  Bring a professional camera to capture high quality photos. After you get the photos printed you can always create a scrapbook for memories or even utilize them as a Valentines Day, Birthday or Just Because Gift!

Find A New Creative Hobby: Painting

-If traveling is something that you frequently participate in try painting or cooking classes! In Atlanta, there is a painting center called Sips and Strokes! It is a fun space that teaches you how to paint step by step while eating food and drinking a beverage of your choice.

Relax, Release and Rejuvenate: Enjoy A Book on the Beach

Put your phone down and pick up a book! Reading puts your mind in a new world! Take a book on the beach and just relax. BAUS offers an amazing (and very relaxing!) Good Vibes Trifecta Set which includes an Affirmation candle, Rose Quartz healing crystal and a Floral Sage Smudge Bundle. You can purchase one HERE!

Reflect and Release. Write your pain away

Do you have a journal? Do you have a planner to keep your organized? If not, these are essential things to keep your joy in 2018.


Your planner and journal will allow you to reflect and write your wins and goals for the week.


Keep your wins in a jar and every three months you should take them out the jar to read them.


If you are having a bad week write about it read it to yourself and rip it up! You are probably wondering why you would be tearing the paper up right? When you tear the paper up it is no longer here. It is an act of letting go of the past.

Meet The Writer:

Name: Chynna Miley

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Chynna Miley, an Atlanta, Georgia native, is an University of Oregon graduate who obtained her Bachelors of Education degree in Family and Human Services. She is currently attending graduate school in the Student Affairs and Higher Education Master’s Program. She is the Lead Event Stylist of Events by CCM, and the Creative Director of Connecting Curlfriends!





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