Live Life As If Everything Matters


Being an active leader in the health and wellness industry means I’m dedicated and mindful of the overall wellness of others and myself. The physical, mental, and emotional focus required for my jobs means planning and preparation are essential. Every Saturday I map out my schedule and meals for the week. I monitor a well balanced diet of fruits, veggies, and lean protein. What I fuel my body with is reflective of how I perform. Hydration has been one of my main focuses as well! (lots of 9.5 ph and electrolyte water.) On average a week I'm giving energy and teaching 15 classes. Performing, teaching, and dancing this much also means loads of laundry! I keep all my clothes (about 20/25 workout outfits) clean and prepared inside my workout bag. 

Some of my must haves as a performance athlete at Tracy Anderson Method are Sunwarrior Organic Protein Powder, supportive dance cardio shoes (mizuno), rose water spray, and organic habibi deodorant. Each week at Tracy Anderson, the other trainers and I learn new material to implement in our "attain muscle structure" class which keeps the clients engaged, motivated, and challenged. Her method asks you to connect within yourself and empowers each person to find balance where there is unbalance. We cue each class with our movement, energy, and detailed placement rather than cuing verbally. The workout is designed to open new neuro-pathways in your brain and push you towards your best self.

As a Brand Model, Lead Trainer and Teacher for Corepower Yoga, I have mastered the preparation to be successful in sequence delivery and pace, while still practicing self care. I value making personal connections with my students in and outside the classroom and pride myself on being authentic, polite, and humorous. Everyday I have my playlist prepared for my students and greet them with a smile! As a yoga teacher I have the privilege of instructing a variety of age groups and levels, so daily I am implementing hands on adjustments, modifications, advancements, and sometimes postures for pregnant women. They teach me as much as I teach them.

As a professional dancer with Clear Talent Group I have to prepare for many audition calls, sometimes hours before. Whether it's for a music video, commercial, or tour I am always sure to keep my outfits, makeup, head shots, and dance resumes all in my car! To be best prepared for auditions, it's also great to have two options of dance shoes, you never know what they might ask of you. Aside for working as a teacher, this is my passion and joy so in between my classes I regularly take dance classes at Millennium, the Edge, and Debbie Reynolds.

I live my life embodying the mantra "live life as if everything matters", meaning there's not one aspect of your routine that doesn't affect the other. How much sleep I get matters, what I wear, how I do my hair, makeup, how I arrange my playlist, and the way I deliver content. Everyday this mantra gives me the discipline to consciously practice making everything that I do a reflection of who I am, who I want to be, and how I want to be remembered. I'm more of a doer rather than a dreamer. As a wise woman told me: Plan, Prepare, Perform.


  • Keep "just in case" items in your car!
  • Wash sweaty clothes with an ounce of vinegar!
  • Go to the front of the class; it changes your practice and attention to detail!
  • For sweaty hair, clean with dry shampoo. (Dove is my favorite)
  • Greet people when you see them, it'll make their day!
  • Plan your meals a week in advance!
  • I have hot water with lemon not only to soothe and prepare my voice, but to stay hydrated.



DaLette is the darling only girl of three brothers and is a native of metro Detroit, Michigan. She fell in love with dance at the age of 5 and her love hasn’t stopped since. Competing nationally, performing, and winning dance convention scholarships motivated her to pursue dance as career. In high school, she received academic and dance scholarships to attend Western Michigan University. She has two Bachelors of Arts Degrees in Secondary Education and in Dance. She is an excellent educator to all ages with strong experience, teaching not only in dance but also Spanish and English. DaLette has worked as a hip-hop guest teacher/choreographer for kids, master classes, birthday parties, sorority stroll teams, colleges, and offers private classes. Her training extends with Debbie Allen Dance Academy, Debbie Reynolds, Ballet Creole, Sheryl Murakami, and Kennis Marquis. In LA she is currently signed to Clear Talent Groups dance department, teaches for Corepower yoga, and is a trainer at Tracy Anderson Method.

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