How to Use Floral Sage Smudge Bundle

 Floral Sage Smudge Bundle (fresh, not fully dry)

Floral Sage Smudge Bundle (fresh, not fully dry)


For a quick yet efficient cleansing of the energy in your home, office or favorite  room, light a smudge stick and go around the place while waving the smudge stick through the air. Do this gently because if you wave it too vigorously it will cause many embers to break off and fall. To avoid damage to your home hold a bowl or a fireproof vessel underneath the smudge stick so that falling burning embers cannot damage furniture and surfaces. 

Do this is an quiet meditative state and allow yourself to be drawn to areas of heavy energy and negativity. You will soon get a feel of it. Typically, where the energy is heavy and negative you will be drawn to smudge longer. Sometimes the smudge stick will burn more intensely, when there is negative energy around emitting large quantities of smoke or making loud cracking sounds. When there is resistance to clearing or strong negativity the smudge stick may go off several times and may need to be relit. Move around the whole room or house smudging every corner and nook and cranny until you feel the energy is clear. Warning: in some houses this may set off your fire alarm. So take care of of your fire alarm before you begin. 

Victoria Reese